Why Build a Coach House?

There are many reasons that our customers are choosing to build coach houses. Here are a few:

Changing Family Dynamics

Lifestyle Upgrades

Rental Property

Who couldn’t use added income?  In today’s economy every bit helps, but what if there were a way to quickly and easily start generating substantial rental income immediately?   A Coach House provides you with precisely that kind of opportunity.  Once you decide which style of coach house best fits your property, and which will generate the income you’re after, the rest is easy. 

Added Living Space

Let’s face it, your house is too small.   You need an office space.  Or a spare bedroom or two.  Or maybe a man cave to watch the game without disrupting the rest of the house, or a quiet place for your book club to meet.  Whatever your need for expansion, it doesn't need to include the high cost of home renovation.   A much less financially challenging option, and a much more energy efficient, green friendly, and luxurious option awaits you.  Live the life you’ve always dreamed of, without the hassle you’ve always dreaded.  We’re here for you, and we’re ready to make your home life what you always hoped it could be.


Have you always dreamed of having your friends, family or loved ones live in a close shared environment?  Or maybe you’re ready to open that retreat center that you dreamed about for years but didn’t know how to put it together.  Either way, Coach House Co has you covered.   If you can dream it, we can make it happen for you.  Family compound - check.  Mountain retreat - check.   We’ll come out, make sure we understand your dream, and deliver it in within a few short months. 

Older Kids

Your older kid(s) are moving towards independence, and you're moving toward reclaiming your space and perhaps looking forward to a little less household drama.  What do you do. They’re not ready to be on their own just yet, and if you see one more eye roll you’re going to blow a gasket.  You love them, they love you, but you both need a bit more space.


Either you or they are not quite ready for them to spread their wings and fly.  The perfect intermediate is having them close by, still on your property but not sharing your house full time.  Happy kids, delighted parents.  Coach House Co is there to provide the perfect living space for them, only feet away from home sweet home.  

Senior Living

In Home Care

As our loved ones get older finding the right living environment can be a challenge. Often times we want or need them to be close by for medical reasons, to be able to ensure their safety, or just to keep the family close. A Coach House is the perfect solution. Keep your loved ones close, safe, and ever so comfortable, all while maintaining their independence and preserving your own privacy.

More and more today’s lifestyle often demands we hire outside help.  We work like crazy, but sometimes it’s not enough to take care of every situation.  We need help.  Sometimes that help is there to provide nanny services for your precious little ones.  Or perhaps live in or live on-site health care assistance is needed to provide extra care for an ageing or a debilitated loved one.  No matter the specific purpose they serve, we’ve got the exact solution to keep your help happy, comfortable and in their own space.  Live in help never had it so good!

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