Frequently Asked Questions

Can my development have an accurate view of the neighbourhood in VR?

Yes, we offer the option to use drone footage to build an accurate view for a unit in VR.

Can common elements on my real-estate development be modeled in VR?

Yes, we can model your common elements.

How does staging of units work within the VR?

As part of the VR customization process we work with you to stage the home for your customer. We also offer the ability to scan and import customer furniture into VR.

Can my finishes be imported into VR?

Yes, we can work with your vendors to get high quality scans of your finishes and import them into VR.

Can your software integrate with my current business systems?

Yes, we can customize our software to integrate with most business systems.


Can the SalesHub software be customized to match my companies brand?

Yes, this feature is included with the SalesHub

How will my sales staff learn to use the VR systems?

We offer onsite training for your staff along with on call support. We also offer our VR sales staff to interact with your customers on your behalf.

How do my sales staff access the VR experiences for my customers?

VR experiences are stored in the cloud and available when needed by your staff.