We believe our uniqueness within the market centres around our commitment using advanced technology, and manufacturing processes to build the most sustainable houses on the market. Our technology exceeds building code requirements, and outperforms the energy efficiency of traditional wood constructed homes.

Our Products Out-Perform the Others

Spinae products out-perform many other building products in:

  • Energy Efficiency: Our technology is essentially twice as efficient as a comparable wood framed product. The insulation does not deteriorate or degrade over time, and the R Value remains consistent (increases in efficiency) as the outdoor temperature gets colder.​

  • Indoor Air Quality: Our product resists mould, mildew and insects and has a feeling of high air quality; Insulation does not off-gas or emit harmful chemicals.​

  • Affordability: High ease of installation, in-climate and cold weather friendly. Less time building means more savings for you.​

  • Waste Reduction: Not only is the build site cleaner but the fabrication process maximizes recycling;​

  • Lifecycle Costs: Lifestyle costs are reduced due to efficiency, ease of maintenance and integrated mechanical and HVAC systems

Cost Savings

Spinae products will put money back into your pocket compared to other building products. This is achieved by using better materials that do not degrade over time, technology which maximizes efficiency, and by leveraging our exclusive partnerships with leaders in renewable energy.

Return on Investment

Building a Spinae unit is an ideal way to begin creating additional revenue from additional living space on your property.  Contact Spinae today to learn more about how your Spinae unit can quickly pay for itself and become a revenue generator for you and your family.

Professional Execution

Nobody does it quite like we do. Spinae's sales team worked with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the home you want. Once your product is ready to be delivered a team of Spinae authorized installers will ensure that everything is taken care of.

Technology Driven

No other added living space solution comes close to offering the high tech options that Spinae offers.  Our cutting edge technology seamlessly drives the entire design-build process, and provides the most advanced tech options available today - from radiant heat flooring to full home automation.

Built Smart for Tomorrow

We work with the industry leaders in Smart Home Technology to provide the most technologically advanced homes available. From automating your thermostat, to having full automation of your lights, curtains, and home security, we've got you covered.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ensure that every Spinae product we build is of a higher quality than any competitor in the marketplace period.  In addition, we build in a way that makes our products completely removable without disruption to your property or landscaping. We are so confident in the quality of our product that each comes with an extensive Warranty.

Our Partners

Just as Spinae maintains the highest quality standards in the marketplace, we also ensure that we partner with only the most select partners who are able to  provide the very best to us products and solutions to us and our customers.

Green and Sustainable

At Spinae, we believe it is crucial to leave the smallest footprint possible, while ensuring the greatest energy efficiency.  We ensure that every step in our building process - from the materials we use, to the partners we work with - all follow the very highest standards in green sustainable process.

Financing That Works for You

Spinae is in the unique position to be able to offer you financing options that are not available anywhere else in the industry. Speak with us today to learn how.



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